1) Please name four health plans that are offered to benefited state employees and where online
you can find information on those plans?
I don't know which plans are offered.  I'm assuming they would be on a website for MCC/HR
2) How would you describe your current level of satisfaction with the accessibility of college activities and events of interest to you? Fairly Satisfied
3) If I am a member of the State Employees Retirement System, what three factors are used to determine what my pension
will be when and if I retire and take a pension from the state and what is the web address of the State Board of Retirement?
I know length of service is a criteria, amount I earned for a certain # of years, and I don't know the third.  I don't know the web address for the SBR
4) If I am in a benefited position and participate in the college sponsored group auto insurance plan, may I have
my auto insurance premiums payroll deducted and what is the name of the agency that handles the college group auto insurance plan?
I assume the answer is yes.  I don't know the insurance agency.
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