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The primary difference between regular car batteries and golf cart batteries is that in the later the batteries don't mechanically get charged when it's driven. Golf cart batteries are susceptible to frequent discharge. Regular precautionary measures in the upkeep can safeguard the batteries against drastic decrease in the life. There are many simple however vital aspects that want attention here. Usually, a mixture of several components will increase or decreased battery lifetime of golf cart. For elevated cycle life some tips you possibly can follow

Use partial-discharge cycles

Using only 20% or 30% of the battery capacity earlier than recharging will prolong cycle life significantly. As a common rule, 5 to 10 shallow discharge cycles are equal to 1 full discharge cycle. Although partial-discharge cycles can number within the hundreds, maintaining the battery in a totally charged state additionally shortens battery life. Full discharge cycles (right down to 2.5 V or 3 V, depending on chemistry) ought to be averted if attainable.

Avoid charging to a hundred% capability

Selecting a decrease float voltage can do this. Reducing the float voltage will enhance cycle life and repair life on the expense of reduced battery capacity. A 100-mV to 300-mV drop in float voltage can increase cycle life from two to 5 instances or more. Li-ion cobalt chemistries are extra delicate to a higher float voltage than other chemistries. Li-ion phosphate cells typically have a decrease float voltage than the more frequent Li-ion batteries.

Select the right cost termination technique

Selecting a charger that uses minimal cost-current termination (C/10 or C/x) also can extend battery life by not charging to one hundred% capability. For instance, ending a cost cycle when the current drops to C/5 is similar to reducing the float voltage to four.1 V. In each situations, the battery is just charged to roughly 85% of capability, which is an important factor in battery life.

Limit the battery temperature

Limiting battery-temperature extremes extends battery life, especially prohibiting charging under zero°C. Charging below 0°C promotes metal plating at the battery anode, which can develop into an inside short, producing heat and making the battery unstable and unsafe. Many battery chargers have provisions for measuring battery temperature to assure charging doesn't occur at temperature extremes.

Avoid excessive cost and discharge currents

High cost and discharge currents cut back cycle life. Some chemistries are more suited for higher currents corresponding to Li-ion manganese and Li-ion phosphate. High currents place extreme stress on the battery.

Avoid very deep discharges (below 2 V or 2.5 V)

Very deep discharges will shortly, completely damage a Li-ion battery. Internal metal plating can occur inflicting a short circuit, making the battery unusable and unsafe. Most Li-ion batteries have protection circuitry inside their battery packs that open the battery connection if the battery voltage is less than 2.5 V or exceeds 4.three V, or if the battery present exceeds a predefined threshold level when charging or discharging.

All these above ideas are required to take care of more life span of your lithium battery for golf cart. JB Battery as a China custom ev lithium ion battery factory at all times recommend customers to comply with the following tips and keep your battery secure and longer working time. From small home equipment to giant autos are rising into electric power source which needs battery to be used.

JB Battery jointly working with different ventures to fulfill their requirement of varied battery requirement. It owns multiple China Lithium Ion golf cart battery factory which makes attainable of manufacturing more quantity of battery and also can in a position to negotiate upon price while dealing in bulk.

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