Do you have separate catalogs for credit and noncredit? No
Who do you send your semester catalogs to?

Please check all that apply
All college alumni; Don't know
Do you purchase mailings lists when mailing your semester catalogs? Yes
Do you have a publications or marketing  department that creates printed material for you? Yes
How many catalogs do you mail out per semester? 1
What marketing do you do beyond catalog mailings? For example, ads on the side of a bus.
Do you advertise in newspapers? If yes how often?

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How many noncredit, open enrollment registrations do you have annually? Please do not include corporate training courses?  
What type of marketing would you like to do that you are not doing now?
What is your annual marketing budget? 6
What type of marketing provides you with the greatest number of enrollments or return on investment?
Do you have an email newsletter? Yes
Do you manage your own website content? Yes
Do you have a particular institution either in state or out of state that you benchmark for marketing or web ideas?
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