1. What is your role at the College (choose one): Faculty
2. Are you employed Full Time or Part Time at the College? Full Time
3. What campus do you work at? Lowell
4. Below is a list of workshops/activities/resources that have become available or have been offered one or more times over the past three years.  Please check the appropriate column if you were aware of this offering, and/or if you participated in the activity or if you have used the new resource. -
New Faculty Orientation Aware of Offering
Institute for Learning Centered Teaching  
New England Center for Inclusive Teaching (NECIT) Workshops  
Mentor Partnership Program Aware of Offering
Dealing with Difficult Students (Setting Boundaries) Aware of Offering
FERPA; Dealing with Confidential Information Aware of Offering
"Connections", Quality Service Training  
"The Middlesex Way", Quality Service Training  
Received Minigrant Aware of Offering
Attended off campus conference Participated in Offering; or Used the Resource
Received Professional Development funds Participated in Offering; or Used the Resource
Attended Professional Day Participated in Offering; or Used the Resource
New revised Faculty Handbook (2005-2006) Aware of Offering
Building a Mentoring Relationship (Advising Workshop)  
Attended a Middlesex Interactive Session (such as OU Campus
training, Blackboard, PowerPoint)
Participated in Offering; or Used the Resource
Consulted with Middlesex Interactive or Academic Resources/
Information Technology or Technology Center staff (e.g. Help
Desk) to learn/refine a skill or process.
Participated in Offering; or Used the Resource
Other (such as Department Specific training made available by
your department for members of your department only); please
List Other:
5. Were your abilities to provide higher quality learning experiences or quality service enhanced by any of the activities you participated in? Yes
6. If you did not participate in any of these college sponsored professional development activities, why not?  Please check all that apply.  
7. Please describe below any professional development needs that you have that were not met by the activities in the list of offerings above.
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